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The Time to Capitalize on AI Inference is Now

As the AI market matures from training to inference workloads, the time for partners to capitalize on Inference is now.

Artificial Intelligence

Dell Tech World Day 2: There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to AI

Dell Technologies, Meta, Hugging Face, and others take the stage to talk AI factories and Liqid supports PowerEdge modular servers to scale for AI


Dell Technologies World Day 1: “Every Company Will be an AI Company!”

The first day at DTW featured nonstop innovation, including AI factories, AI laptops, streamlined AI infrastructure, and at least one ‘GPU powerhouse’ with the Liqid UltraStack


Unleashing the Power of UltraStack 30: A New Era of High-Density GPU Solutions

Dell Technologies World 2024: Liqid showcases its groundbreaking UltraStack system, which integrates 30 NVIDIA L40S GPUs into a single Dell PowerEdge R760 server

Artificial Intelligence

Broadcom and AMD Collaborate to Enhance AI Infrastructure

Discover how Broadcom & AMD's PCIe switch collaboration advances AI infrastructure efficiency and scalability.

Composable GPU

Getting the Most Out of Your GPUs - How Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure Can Help

With the rise of AI, machine learning, and other data-intensive workloads, GPUs have become vital components for many businesses. The challenge is getting the most out of them. After all, if you're not utilizing your GPUs to their full potential, you're essentially throwing money away.

Composable IT

Avoid Technical Debt by Increasing Datacenter Efficiency

Our goal is to architect an IT environment that achieves a high level of sustainability thanks to efficient infrastructure management and usage. Learn how Liqid is working toward the future of the datacenter today.


Smart Cities Embrace Sustainable Living with IoT & CDI

Liqid helps smart cities embrace sustainable living


Dell Technologies World 2022 Recap: Liqid Demonstrated Composable Memory!

At DellWorld, Liqid Demonstrated Composable Memory with CXL

Artificial Intelligence

Infrastructure Innovation Drives Advancements in Government and Academic Compute for the AI-Everywhere Era

Traditional data center infrastructures based on fixed, inflexible server architectures, simply cannot perform at the level advanced AI applications require.


GDC Recap: Liqid changes the game with composable GPU and NVMe for M&E pros

At the 2022 Game Developers Conference, it’s game on with composable infrastructure and NVMe solutions from Liqid!

GTC Spring 2022

GTC ‘22: Announcing powerful new NVIDIA H100 GPU, Jensen talks composability and Gen 5 PCIe

GTC ‘22: Announcing powerful new NVIDIA H100 GPU, Jensen talks composability and Gen 5 PCIe

Composable GPU

CDI gets even simpler with GA of turnkey Liqid ThinkTank AI system

CDI gets even simpler with GA of turnkey Liqid ThinkTank AI system for composable GPU computing

IT Landscape

Exponential Growth: Deloitte Ranks Liqid the Number 131 Fastest-Growing Company in North America in Fast 500

We are thrilled to attribute 1034% revenue growth to high demand for flexible, efficient data center architectures to meet the data-intensive demands of AI.


A Few Big Announcements from a Successful SC21

The Liqid team recaps the company's presence at Supercomputing 2021 in St. Louis and shares some huge company announcements.

IT Landscape

Liqid Named a Top 5 Vendor to Watch in 2021 by HPCwire Editors’ Choice Awards

Liqid Honored in the Category of Top 5 Vendors to Watch at the 19th Annual HPCwire Awards Given to Leaders in the Global HPC Community

Composable Infrastructure

CDI Simplified: Liqid’s New Fabric-Enabled Expansion

In Another Industry First, Liqid Delivers Fabric-integrated Composability for Unparalleled Flexibility & Efficiency for the World’s Most Demanding Workloads


Liqid Showcases Its Matrix CDI Solutions for Composable HPC and AI at SC21

Liqid is Highlighting New Customers, Research, and Offering an Early Look at How We’re Improving CDI Simplicity

Composable IT

Announcing the Liqid OS 3.0 Software Release

Liqid is proud to announce the availability of our Liqid OS3.0 software release, an exciting update to our industry-leading CDI software platform.

Composable Infrastructure

Putting Data to Work with CDI: An Exclusive Presentation from Bio IT 2021

Liqid attended and presented at Bio IT World 2021 in Boston, MA from September 20-22. Here we recap the presentation by Liqid’s Chief AI Architect, Josiah Clark, "Putting Data to Work with CDI"


WWT to Feature Liqid Matrix CDI™ in its Advanced Technology Center

WWT to offer software-defined Liqid CDI integrated with the latest infrastructure innovations from Dell, Intel for systems purpose-built for AI+ML, advanced HPC, edge computing


Liqid Expands Leadership in Finance, Federal & Public Sector, and Product as the Company Continues to Grow its Sales Footprint

And we’re hiring at all levels, across all departments! Apply within!

Composable IT

Liqid Helps Customers Create and Scale VMware Host Servers in Seconds, with Composable Infrastructure

Check out this short video to see how the Liqid Matrix vCenter plugin simplifies deployment and scaling host servers and improves the speed and economics virtualized environments

Artificial Intelligence

AI to be Bigger than IaaS and PaaS Combined by 2025, According to IDC (via The Register)

According to an article by The Register, analyst firm IDC has predicted that by the year 2025 more money will be spent on artificial intelligence software and services than on infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platforms-as-a-service (PaaS).


Healthcare IT Con Reviews Pandemic Response, Cybersecurity, Genetic Sequencing, Interoperability, and More

This week, healthcare IT pros are attending the 2021 HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition, with the pandemic and data security being among the top issues under review in this year’s post-lockdown return to in-person conferencing in Las Vegas.

Composable IT

Form Factor is now a Non-Factor

Composability enables the connecting of accelerator and storage resources to servers via software only, without ever being plugged into the server itself.

Composable Supercomputing/HPC

Orange Silicon Valley composed one of the fastest single-node GPU supercomputers in the world with Liqid Matrix… Again

Once again, the two companies have collaborated to provide evidence that Liqid composed single-socket GPU systems are among the world’s fastest and most efficient for AI-driven computing.


NVIDIA Commits $100M to New UK-Based Supercomputer for AI-Driven Breakthroughs in Digital Biology

Our partners at NVIDIA have invested 100M for a supercomputer based in the UK for AI-driven breakthroughs in digital biology research.

Composable Infrastructure

The Reports of the Data Center’s Death are Greatly Exaggerated

Join Liqid on the On-Premise IT Roundtable Podcast to discuss composable IT. Will composability cave the data center from costly cloud operations?


Upcoming Webinar: Build an Adaptive, Scalable Platform for Government AI with NVIDIA & Liqid

Join Liqid, NVIDIA, and Carahsoft for an exclusive webinar on July 15th, 2021 to learn how to build adaptive IT for government AI.

Composable IT

ESG Publishes Technical Validation Report on Liqid’s CDI Capabilities and Benefits

Download our new, free technical validation report from our partners at the analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) which validates Liqid’s composable disaggregated infrastructure (CDI) platform, Liqid Matrix.


NVIDIA GTC 2021 Highlights: What’s New with GPUs?

We’re excited to be at NVIDIA’s GTC 2021 and hope you’re all registered to be at the show this week! Check out what we’re doing at the show, and find out about how LIqid composable disaggregated infrastructure (CDI) solutions can increase efficiency, improve flexibility, and increase time to value for AI applications.


The Best in Composable: Liqid’s CDI Platform Awarded 5 Stars in 2021 CRN Partner Program Guide

Liqid is honored to be awarded 5-stars in the CRN Partner Program Guide for our innovative composable disaggregated infrastructure platform.


Don’t Miss Liqid Composable Infrastructure at NVIDIA GTC 21

Be sure to join the Liqid team at NVIDIA GTC 2021, the #1 conference for AI from April 12-16th. Register for free today!

Composable Infrastructure

Western Digital & Liqid Utilized by ICM Brain and Spine Institute to Fight Neurological Disorders

This week, our partners at Western Digital discussed how composable disaggregated infrastructure (CDI) is primed to be the new norm for optimizing IT operations in their blog.


Liqid Partners with Arrow Electronics to Offer EMEA Channel Partners Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure Solutions

Liqid and Arrow expand partnership to bring composable disaggregated infrastructure to European, Middle Eastern, and African sales territories


Evolve Your Datacenter to Feed the Beast with Liqid and Western Digital

As new data center workloads increase in popularity, their supporting IT infrastructure must be optimized to deliver answers to the world’s most important questions, now.


At GTC20 and Beyond, Liqid Commands Attention with DoD Wins for Composable Supercomputing

The ~$50m Contracts for Three Composable HPC Systems Catch the Eye of Industry Leaders

Composable Supercomputing/HPC

Supercharge AI-driven Supercomputing/HPC with Composable Infrastructure

Find Out Why Liqid Composable Disaggregated Solutions is Central to the Next Evolution in Scientific Research & Development


Webinar: Flash Industry Veterans Take on the Evolution of SSDs

Settle in for a Cozy Conversation on a Decade of Progress in Data Performance


VMBlog Interviews Liqid CEO: HCI + CDI = Best of Both Worlds

In this Video, Sumit Puri Explains the Benefits of Composability to Virtualized Data Center Environments


Level 1 Tech on Liqid LQD3000 NVMe SSD: “Super Awesome Amazing Engineering”

Wendell Tests the Device and Gives a Quick Rundown of the History of PCIe-deployed Solid State Storage

Digital Transformation

Webinar: 451 Research & Liqid Talk CDI’s Impact on Analytics, Deep Learning & AI

Register for Breaking Out of the Box: How Composable Infrastructure Could Underpin Digital Transformation

451 Research

CDI for Digital Transformation: Download the 451 Research Business Impact Brief

See Why Composable Infrastructure Could Lead to More Efficient Data Security, Analytics, Imaging, Deep Learning and AI

Composable Infrastructure

Celebrate Your Independence from Static Infrastructure

Industry Experts See Fireworks for Composable Infrastructure


Climb Channel Solutions to Distribute Liqid Composable Infrastructure Technology

The Leading International Technology Distributor Delivers Liqid Technology to Solve Customers’ Real-world Data Center Problems

Gen-4 PCI-Express

Learn More about the Industry’s Fastest Single-socket Server

Liqid & AMD Deliver Industry-leading Performance for HPC Applications

451 Research

451 Research: "Liqid Goes Multi-fabric with Latest Composable Infrastructure Release"

Download the Free Report to See the Analyst Firm’s Fresh Take on Liqid and Learn Why Multi-fabric Composability is “A Significant Step Forward”


Linus Tech Tips: LQD4500 Honey Badger is "Face Meltingly Epic with speeds "over 250x your Netflix 4K!"

See the incredible video review of the LQD4500 Gen4 NVMe SSD from Linus Tech Tips.

A100 GPU

Composing NVMe and GPU-oF for NVIDIA A100 GPUs

Composable Infrastructure Expands on the Benefits of A100 Performance while Enabling Lightning-fast GPU-oF Deployments

Composable Infrastructure

Interview: Wendell from Level1Techs Talks Composable Infrastructure, Storage, and more.

Liqid's Exclusive interview with Wendell Wilson from Level1Techs includes the future of composable infrastructure, his love of everything tech, and, of course, his legion of loyal followers.

Gen-4 PCI-Express

White Paper: Liqid Delivers Industry’s Fastest Single-socket Server

Liqid LQD4500 Gen-4 NVMe Storage in Conjunction with AMD EPYC™ 7002 Series Processors Offers Extreme Application Performance

University I.T.

Case Study: UIC Deploys Composable Infrastructure for Uneven Applications in Scientific Research

The Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) at the University of Illinois at Chicago for Advanced, High-performance Visual Data Science


Join Liqid CEO & Cofounder Sumit Puri for Composable 101 Webinar

On April 30, 2020, 1PM ET, Sumit Will Lay Out the Basics of Dynamic, Software-defined Composable Infrastructure from Liqid


Introducing Nader Soudah, Liqid’s New VP of Channel Sales

The Channel Sales Veteran is Driving Liqid’s Channel Strategy as the Company Expands the Global Reach of its Game-changing Composable Infrastructure solutions for the Data Center

451 Research

451 Research: Download the Free Report on How Emerging Technologies Respond to COVID-19

A New Report from the Analyst Research Firm Examines How New Solutions are Addressing Old Problems in the Brand New Context of Coronavirus

Artificial Intelligence

AI for Business and the Data Infrastructure Challenge

A new ZDNet Feature Considers Successes and Challenges of Wide-scale AI Deployment


Upcoming Webinar: Make Your Hardware Smarter with Composable Infrastructure

Join the Discussion with Liqid and ID Technologies on Tuesday, April 14, and Learn How Composable Infrastructure is Solving Big Problems in Government Computing Environments


Dedicated Cycles: The Folding@home Project Models COVID-19

Liqid is Donating After-hours Compute Power to Better Understand How the Virus Works

Banking & Finance

Turn Milliseconds into Microseconds for Financial Transactions

Composable Infrastructure Solutions Streamline Accelerator Integration and Improve Software-defined Data Performance

Remote Resource Management

Software Can Simplify Remote Working

Match the Hardware with the Workload with Composable Software


Adapt to a Changing World with Composable Infrastructure

Simplify Resource Management and Utilization Employees go Home to Work


Free VDI Deployments to Work from Home with Composable Infrastructure

Dynamically Manage Resources and to Better Ensure Business Continuity for Virtualized Environments


Liqid & Western Digital Offer NVMe-oF for Comprehensive OpenFlex Composability

Across Large Compute Clusters via Ethernet, Liqid and Western Digital Deliver Composable Infrastructure Agility

Composable GPU

Liqid & Inspur Team Up to Deliver GPU Composable Infrastructure

Liqid’s Multi-fabric Expertise Delivers Comprehensive Composability for Open Computing

Remote Resource Management

Software-defined Composable Infrastructure for Remote Resource Management

Data Center Devices can be Configured in Software Across Multiple Fabrics, Throughout the Data Center or to the Edge

Composable IT

DCOI & Composable Infrastructure for Federal Agencies

For Federal Agencies trying to meet the requirements of DCOI, Composable Infrastructure is an ideal solution.

Infrastructure Utilization

Composable Infrastructure Extends the Value of Data Center Hardware

Increase Product Lifecycle and Expand Capabilities of Existing Infrastructure

Open Compute Project

Open Compute and Composable Infrastructure

Open Hardware Specs and Software-defined, Adaptive Architecture Make for a Winning Combination

Vendor lock

Avoid Vendor & Technology Lock with Liqid

The Hardware Agnostic and Software Agonistic Platform Delivers Disaggregated Resource Scaling


Independently Scale Static Hardware with Liqid

Disaggregate Data Center Resources and Grow your Infrastructure as Needed

Infrastructure Utilization

Liqid Enables the Most Agile & Simple Infrastructure Deployment

Dynamic Deployment of Infrastructure for Targeted Applications Means Right-sized Resource Management

Composable GPU

At GTC 2020, Liqid Composes GPU for Artificial Intelligence

We’ll be showcasing our expertise in composable infrastructure for GPU computing at GTC

Infrastructure Utilization

Improve Infrastructure Utilization with Composable Infrastructure

Better Hardware Resource and Software License Utilization Improves TCO


Connect, Click, and Compose with Liqid at OCP in March

Liqid to attend the 2020 Open Compute Project Global Summit with partner Inspur Systems ( (booth # B6), March 4-5

Hybrid IT

451 Research: Modernizing Legacy Infrastructure For a Hybrid Cloud Future

Analyst Melanie Posey considers how organizations are modernizing legacy applications with on-premises automation and cloud-like resource visibility.

Composable Infrastructure

The Composable Infrastructure Checklist

This Composable Whitepaper Checklist will help guide you on your journey toward researching and implementing a composable infrastructure solution, as you seek to modernize your datacenter.

Hybrid IT

451 Report on x86 Servers: Off-the-Shelf and Here to Stay

Rather than disappear, the x86 will build the backbone of evolving hybrid data centers, with hyperconverged and composable solutions acting as a software-defined resource management and orchestration layer across environments.

Composable Infrastructure

What is Composable Infrastructure?

What is composable infrastructure? Learn all about composable infrastructure, how it modernizes the data center, and how composability benefits business.


Doing great things: Liqid 2019 roundup and 2020 preview

Liqid 2019 Roundup and 2020 preview. 2019 was a record year for Liqid, with the company achieving milestones in technology, customer and partner acquisition, industry presence, team expansion, and investor interest.

Composable Infrastructure

Liqid Steps Up Composable Infrastructure Solutions at SC19

See how Liqid steps up composable infrastructure solutions at SC19. Highlights include composing NVMe-oF to Western Digital OpenFlex storage nearly a football field away, GPU-over-Ethernet, and our new PCIe Gen4 storage card.


Join Liqid at SC19

Join Liqid at SC19 at Booth #1889, Nov 18-21 at the Colorado Convention Center. We’ll show you how to compose software-defined, bare-metal servers in seconds. Learn more.

Composable IT

How Composable IT Solves Enterprise IT's Biggest Headache

Although there is a lot of talk of the 'software-defined-datacenter', Liqid has effectively delivered on the promise where larger players are still struggling.

Composable IT

What Is One of the Biggest Myths in IT?

Watch Liqid CEO Sumit Puri dispel one of the biggest datacenter myths.

Composable IT

One Surprising Core Benefit of Composable IT

Most people think that Composable IT is all about speeds and feeds. That's only a small part of the equation.

Composable IT

Composable Infrastructure Made Simple

We break down Composable Infrastructure in simple terms.

Cloud migration

Increase Resource Utilization and Ease of Use with Composable Infrastructure

When migrating from static infrastructure to dynamic infrastructure, enterprises can increase resource utilization from 2-4X.

NVMe M.2 Deployment

What Limits NVMe M2 SSD Data Center Deployment?

With a Composable PCIe fabric, tightly coupled with several PCIe NVME M.2 capable, enterprises are able to fully leverage the higher performance, lower cost, lower power of M.2 devices in various form factors

Composable IT

The 3 Basic Frustrations Liqid Eliminates For IT Teams

Enterprise IT teams have wanted three very basic things when it comes to Enterprise IT

Composable Infrastructure

GTC 2019: Liqid and AIC

AIC's expansion chassis technology and how it works with the Liqid PCIe Switch

Dynamic cloud

The Flexibility of Cloud Infrastructure Inside Your Own Data Center

The flexibility and convenience that you get from the cloud infrastructure solutions and providers at your fingertips, inside your data center

Composable IT

What Do Admins Need To Know About Composable IT?

Here are the top 3 items Admins might want to consider as they start preparing for composability.

Artificial Intelligence

Composable Architecture For Uneven A.I. Workloads

We've been training machines to think for us for decades, and we're just at the beginning.

Cloud Computing

Planning to Migrate To Public Cloud? See this First!

Some of the biggest risks around migrating to the cloud really has to do with the hidden costs of the cloud.

HPE Synergy

How Liqid's Composable Platform Differs From HPE Synergy

Is HPE Synergy truly composable?

Composable Infrastructure

GTC 2019: Liqid and One Stop Systems

V.P. of Sales and Marketing for One Stop Systems discusses what's new and on the horizon for One Stop Systems and Liqid

Composable GPU

How to Manage Dynamic GPU Workloads For AI & Machine Learning

What is the ideal GPU horsepower required to make a specific application run at a premium?

HPE Synergy

Considering Synergy, But Need Dynamic GPU's?

Does HPE Synergy satisfy their own definition of Composable Infrastructure when it comes to Dynamic/Scalable GPUs?

Cloud migration

Horror Stories of Migrating Off Public Cloud

Enterprises are quickly realizing valid risks associated with migrating 100% of their IT infrastructure to public cloud

Vendor lock

Must Composable Infrastructure Be Software Agnostic?

With no vendor or technology lock, Liqid composable infrastructure is the clear choice over OEM solutions.

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