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GPU On-Demand

Deliver GPU Performance
Anywhere, Anytime

Liqid GPU On-Demand allows you to provision, scale and migrate GPUs via software to satisfy your most challenging workloads.

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Eliminate Traditional Server GPU Limitations

GPU On-Demand allows bare metal provisioning of GPUs to traditional servers real-time via software and can be scaled and migrated to meet changing demands. This breakthrough offering satisfies even the most challenging GPU performance requirements, while driving down costs through higher GPU utilization.

Traditional GPU Consumption

Statically Configured

Traditional GPU Consumption
Bound By Sheetmetal

Liqid GPU On-Demand

Dynamically Configurable

Liqid GPU On-Demand
Boundless Possibilities

GPU Acceleration Anytime, Anywhere

Liqid unlocks new levels of speed, flexibility, and efficiency, delivering maximum performance and value from your GPU investments.

Achieve GPU Density

Achieve Unrivaled GPU Density

Satisfy any GPU performance requirement, whether they demand three, ten, or even twenty GPUs, with GPU On-Demand. Externally pooled GPUs are connected to host servers over high-speed fabrics, and provisioned via Liqid Matrix software, so traditional server form factors will no longer limit your GPU performance potential.

Accelerate Time to Results

Provision GPUs when and where they’re needed in seconds via Liqid Matrix software, with GPU On-Demand. GPU resources can be quickly added to connected host via Liqid UI, API or CLI. Once added, the GPU appears local to the host.
Accelerate Time to results
rapidly adapt to change

Rapidly Adapt to Change

Quickly scale GPUs to meet your workload’s changing demands in real-time. As soon a GPUs are longer needed, move them back to the pool so they can be migrated to other servers to meet new  workload demands.

Reduce IT Costs

Stop wasteful over provisioning by adding the exact number of GPUs required today and migrating unused GPUs elsewhere to maximize utilization. Eliminate GPU card capacity from your server purchasing considerations, for additional, less expensive options. Liqid reduces OPEX eliminating manual adds/moves and changes with a true software defined approach to GPU provisioning.
Reduce IT Costs

GPU On-Demand Specs

SmartStack 10
SmartStack 20
SmartStack 30
Max GPUs
Max Host Servers
GPUs per Host
GPU OD Software
Rack Units
Liqid Matrix® Software
Liqid Matrix® Software
Liqid Matrix® Software
Up to 10
Up to 20
Up to 20
SmartStack 30+
Up to 20
Liqid Matrix® Software

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