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Dynamically tailor GPU allocation for higher density, flexibility and efficiency with  Liqid Matrix composable infrastructure.

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Jas Tremblay
Vice President and General Manager of the Data Center Storage Group, Broadcom

Edge and 5G computing, AI+ML workloads, high-value HPC applications, and composable infrastructure deployments are all use cases that benefit significantly from high-speed data transfers and low latency PCIe Gen 4.0 solutions. Through our joint efforts, Liqid and Broadcom empower companies to deliver PCIe Gen 4.0 solutions that offer scalable performance, composable architecture, ease of management, and superior power efficiency for applications driving innovation across vertical markets.

Dale Foster
Chief Executive Officer,
Climb Channel Solutions

Climb Channel Solutions collaborates with state-of-the-art IT providers to deliver IT solutions that solve real-world data center problems in fresh new ways, and we're pleased to work with Liqid to bring the company's award-winning composable infrastructure solutions to our customers. As artificial intelligence increasingly dominates data center operations, Liqid's ability to pool and deploy bare-metal resources through software better positions Climb customers to meet the performance demands associated with these high-value applications and scale for growth as required.

Scott Hamilton
Senior Director of Product Management, Western Digital’s Data Center Business Unit

Our OpenFlex composable platform is purpose-built for disaggregated deployment in the world’s most data-intensive environments that require agile, optimized storage performance for diverse and unpredictable workflows. Liqid’s Command Center software leverages Western Digital’s Open Composable API to orchestrate OpenFlex platform resources enabling faster NVMe-oF deployments and further expanding the scope of composable resources. With OpenFlex and Liqid, IT users can create more precisely balanced, disaggregated systems that can scale to meet evolving business requirements.

Paresh Khary
SeniorDirector of Product Management and Marketing

The NVIDIA A100 GPU is the most advanced visual computing accelerator on the market, delivering the power and flexibility required by today’s most complex AI models. NVIDIA Partner Network members like Liqid are using the performance and functionality of the A100 GPU and HDR InfiniBand to build solutions that meet the needs of AI and HPC workloads.

Trish Damkroger
Vice President and General Manager, Intel’s high-performance computing organization

As HPC and AI workloads continue to converge, a new class of hardware and software solutions are emerging to address the data-intensive applications. Intel Xeon Scalable Processors with built-in AI acceleration address the need for faster, more-adaptive computing platforms to support these powerful applications. We are pleased to work with the team at Liqid to deliver groundbreaking HPC innovation with the world’s largest composable supercomputer, capable of meeting the evolving threats to national security, whether related to climate research, virology, national security, physics-based modeling, and other pressing needs that require cutting-edge performance.

Eric Slack
Hyperconverged, Integrated Systems, and SDS Analyst, Evaluator Group

Composable disaggregated infrastructure solutions provide an adaptive supercomputing ‘backbone’ for the physical infrastructure challenges faced daily by engineers at ERD. AI helps the US Army deliver essential military and civilian engineering services around the world. Composable HPC will manage their hardware footprint more efficiently and achieve the kind of adaptive data performance necessary to address data-intensive workloads that have different requirements at varying stages.

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