The World’s Most Comprehensive Composable Infrastructure Platform is Here

Liqid’s software-defined composable infrastructure solutions and services enables IT users to manage, scale out, and configure the industry’s widest array of physical resources to create bare-metal server systems in seconds.

Available today in half rack, full rack, multi-rack configurations.

Making waves

Our composable infrastructure platform solution is being recognized by industry-leading analysts and organizations.

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Keep it simple with Liqid’s Disaggregated Composable Infrastructure

Step 1

Choose the disaggregated hardware to meet your needs.

Step 2

Plug your hardware into the Liqid PCIe Grid fabric switch.

Step 3

Your gear, adaptive on demand through Liqid Command Center software.

Step 4

It’s that easy, so take Liqid composable infrastructure for a test drive.

Bare-metal architecture for the most demanding data center workloads

Break free from the physical barriers of static, motherboard-centric architectures

True disaggregation

Pools of compute, network, storage, graphics processing, FPGA and Intel® Optane™ memory elements can be deployed natively across a PCI-Express (PCIe) fabric

Intelligent fabric

Liqid Grid allows core system resources to be instantly interconnected into physical servers viaPCIe fabric and dynamically reconfigured as needed

Intuitive control

Liqid Command Center is the powerful management software platform that automates, orchestrates, and composes. Intuitively jump from one task to another

Find out what it's like to compose with us

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