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What is Composable Infrastructure?

Composable infrastructure is a way to increase resource utilization and assign resources to an application from disaggregated pools of compute, storage, and networking, with more sophisticated offerings delivering GPU, FPGA, and storage memory accelerators that can also be provisioned as needed. A single programmable API manages all of IT through one single pane-of-glass application. This software-defined management layer is used to discover, assign, and manage the pools of disaggregated data center devices, ensuring that the right resources are in the right place at the right time.

Why Composable Infrastructure?

Composable infrastructure cannot only modernize DevOps practices, but it can also save money, improve resource utilization, and offer faster deployment while easily scaling to meet future business needs.

What are some of the benefits of composable infrastructure?

Faster Deployment:

Launch new applications with just a few clicks. A composable infrastructure offers benefits for streamlining and accelerating IT in nearly every business category

Improved Resource Utilization:

In a typical enterprise, utilization of resources is estimated to be in the 12-18% range. With composable infrastructure, an enterprise can double or triple that utilization. This immediately translates into business and bottom-line benefits.

Ease of Use:

With composable infrastructure, all of the IT essentials can be managed from a single location. Hardware doesn’t need to be added separately, and compute, storage, network, GPU, and more, can all be spun up in seconds to support specific software applications. This takes time-consuming complications out of the datacenter, using application development, workload management and deployment to drive accessible and scalable systems with ease.

How is Liqid Different?

No Vendor Lock: With Liqid Composable Infrastructure, businesses will not be locked into a single server vendor or technology, as is the case with most OEM Solutions. Our composable infrastructure solution offers enterprise IT teams the flexibility to utilize equipment vendors of their choice. We do not obligate the user to put any drivers, agents, or software modules on the compute nodes themselves, instead deploying resources across intelligent fabrics, enabling enterprise organizations to run any software on disaggregated hardware.

Multi-Fabric Support and Adaptivity:

There is a reason that Liqid is referred to as the most comprehensive and adaptive composable infrastructure platform in the marketplace. Liqid offers unified multi-fabric support for composability across all major fabric types, including: PCIe Gen 3, PCIe Gen 4, Ethernet, InfiniBand, and we are laying the foundation for the upcoming Gen-Z specifications. The Liqid Command Center Software enables users to dynamically compose services from pools of CPU, GPU, FPGA, NVMe, and NIC’s regardless of underlying fabric type.

Software License Savings:

Software licenses come at a high premium and are usually attached to physical CPUs. Liqid composable infrastructure enables the decoupling of CPUs to software licenses. By enabling the creation of virtual servers on-demand through software, businesses don’t have to scale resources by adding more CPUs, but can reconfigure servers by adding additional resources as needed over the fabric. This reduces the need to purchase additional per-core software licenses.

Rapid Provisioning:

The Liqid composable infrastructure platform empowers users to manage, scale, and configure physical, bare-metal servers with a few clicks and reallocate core data center devices on-demand as workflows and business needs evolve.

Utilizing the power of Liqid, administrators can dynamically configure and provision everything from bare-metal servers and network resources, to FPGA's and GPUs, to entire racks of equipment in a matter of seconds.

Learn more about Liqid’s technology and contact us to discuss your specific data center needs with a representative.

Written by
Melysha Acharya
Posted on
January 8, 2020
Composable Infrastructure

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