Pools of physical resources composed in seconds

Graphics processing. Compute. Storage. Networking. FPGA. Intel® Optane™ memory. Liqid delivers the ability to disaggregate, pool, orchestrate, and repurpose data center resources across PCI-Express fabric, on demand, at the bare-metal level, at sub-microsecond latencies, delivering the world’s most comprehensive composable infrastructure platform.

IT users can now right-size, scale, and share idle resources across Liqid Grid, our PCIe-based fabric, to reach full resource utilization. The Liqid Command Center management software enables users to add discrete, disaggregated elements at will instead of at the mercy of traditional IT vendors or cloud service providers.

What they are saying

"I expect this concept to catch fire in 2018. Every server has PCIe, why not use it as an interconnect? Which, by the way, was the original concept for PCI years ago."

Robin Harris
ZDnet, StorageMojo

"Liqid, through a combination of their switch and software orchestration, promise to complete the [software-defined data center]picture, enabling data centers to reach new levels of efficiency while better keeping pace with user demand."

Chief Steward, Storage Switzerland

“Liqid’s approach turns the concept of server virtualization on its head, using a PCIe fabric to pool resources from multiple physical servers rather than divvying up those physical servers into smaller VMs. Customers can effectively stitch together resources across multiple hosts to handle demanding workloads or break apart resources from the pool into separate virtual servers.”


"Liqid’s Composable platform makes it easy to mix and match GPUs in the data center, making it truly adaptive and “hot swappable,” or easy to plug in or take out in either Windows or Linux environments."


"Companies using Liqid are seeing 90 percent [data center resource] utilization...These kinds of numbers are surely going to get some attention."

The Next Platform

"If composable infrastructure is the next evolution of the data center, Liqid seems like the right approach at the right time."

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