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451 Research: Modernizing Legacy Infrastructure For a Hybrid Cloud Future

Posted on
January 29, 2020
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In a recent report from 451 Research entitled “On-premises mission-critical workloads: Where do they go from here,” Analyst Melanie Posey considers how organizations are modernizing legay applications and infrastructure for hybrid compute environments.

Posey finds that the majority of enterprise organizations are “pursuing a variety of approaches related to which workloads will remain in on-premises IT environments” with the question of whether legacy applications that are mission-critical will be modernized  where they currently sit or revised to operate in an off-premises cloud environment.

“Modernization in-place' remains the single-most common approach to upgrading legacy applications, but this model may not endure beyond the next refresh cycle, given that 'refactor and shift' is gaining momentum as organizations look to leverage the hyperscalers' tools and functionality for cloud-forward application modernization,” Posey notes.

Posey suggests that companies providing on-premises hardware should “position automation, visibility and professional/managed services alongside the hardware to help the on-premises application modernization process along” before hyperscalers can come up under them with so-called “cloud-to-ground” offerings that extend cloud-like services to virtually any data center environment.

Interested in learning more on how to modernize your on-prem data center environment for next-gen workloads without going to a third-party cloud provider? Download the 451 Research Paper to learn more.

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Written by
Robert Brumfield
Posted on
January 29, 2020
Hybrid IT

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