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Hybrid IT is ready for prime time

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Today we're considering the three most common misunderstandings of Composable IT/Hybrid IT. Based on our interactions with customers; the first, and greatest misunderstanding about Composable IT/Hybrid IT is that it's a "future" technology. Although several OEMs have been marketing their solutions for over a year, the widespread belief is that Hybrid IT is not mature enough for adoption. In fact, Hybrid IT is ready for primetime.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact Liqid's Composable  Infrastructure leverages the core building blocks of IT infrastructure (PCIe, and NVME flash) to offer a superior solution without relying on virtualization. Virtualization is actually the second-largest misconception. Because the OEM Hybrid IT offerings are dependent on virtualization of infrastructure, the public has been led to believe that Hybrid IT/Composable IT is just another version of virtualization.

Again, this is a huge fallacy. Liqid's Composable  Infrastructure Solution leverages a PCIe fabric that can be used as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with virtualization to offer a superior Hybrid IT infrastructure for enterprises.

Which brings us to the third fallacy or misunderstanding and that is about performance. Most customers think that they will not be able to achieve the performance and flexibility with a hybrid IT solution that they could with a static infrastructure. Because Liqid's Composable Dynamic Infrastructure is built on a dynamically composable PCIe fabric, our customers are able to achieve a flexibility and performance that they simply won't achieve using alternative Hybrid or Composable solutions.

Hybrid IT is not a future technology. It's here.

So take a look at our solutions, then contact us to so we can discuss how you can modernize your datacenter.


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