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What fabric will rule the datacenter of the future?

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What fabric will rule the datacenter of the future? Will it be an inferior fabric that is shoved down our throats by the 800lb gorillas? Or will it be a fabric that truly makes sense for long-term scalability? We believe PCIe is the logical fabric for today's AI-centric datacenters.

Today, PCIe Gen3 is the fastest and most ubiquitous, native communication protocol between all the devices attached to the server motherboard. Going forward, we think there'll be advancements with PCIe Gen4, GenZ and other communication protocols that will surpass PCIe Gen3, but at this point, PCIe Gen3 it is the fastest, most ubiquitous, native protocol for all of the devices that we look to use it and utilize inside the data center.

Everything from FPGA's, GPUs, TPU's to your solid state NVME PCIe based storage. Regardless of which networking interface or protocol you utilize, at the end of the day, everything must connect and communicate to the CPU over the PCIe bus. So at this point in time, PCIe is the fabric ( communication protocol) of choice.

What's really cool is LIQID is dynamic. We can control any fabric type, and we can migrate our software to other fabrics as those fabrics become more relevant and available in the industry.

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