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Composable IT - One Core Benefit Most People Don't Realize

Posted on
May 21, 2019

Most people think that Comosable I.T is all about speeds and feeds. That's only a small part of the equation. Composability - even as it's defined by major OEMs - is about flexibility.  However, what is flexible about locking the vendor into a single server vendor, and then limiting the capabilities of the entire infrastructure from both a provisioning and fabric standpoint?

Composable I.T. should provide the enterprise IT team the ability to use equipment vendors of their choice? What the OEMs won't tell you is that when you purchase their composable platform you're locking your enterprise into their into their platform. That doesn't align with the core definition of Composability.

Composability is supposed to provide the enterprise IT team the flexibility of leveraging whatever equipment they wish, and then orchestrating that equipment however they wish. One of the primary benefits of Liqid CDI - is our ability to break the Motherboard - Chassis  paradigm that you find w/ alternative Composable solutions.

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Posted on
May 21, 2019
Composable IT

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