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How Composable IT Solves Enterprise IT's Biggest Headache

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June 5, 2019
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What Is The Biggest Headache Solved By Composable IT?

Given the velocity of business, the acceleration of data, and the dynamic nature of today's applications, IT administrators, DB administrators and SAN administrators are finding it increasingly difficult to plan their infrastructure needs even year year into the future.

This frustration melts away with a truly Composable infrastructure because now administrators are able to dynamically configure and provision everything from bare metal servers and network resources, to FPGA's and GPUs to entire racks of equipment in a matter of seconds. Now Enterprise IT can easily adapt to the dynamic applications running on top of that equipment that require additional resources. In short, they can scale easily today and into the future.

Although there is a lot of talk of the 'software-defined-datacenter', Liqid has effectively delivered on the promise where larger players are still struggling.

Watch as Liqid's VP of Sales discusses our solution. While you’re here, take a closer look at our solutions, then contact us to learn how you can modernize your datacenter with composable infrastructure.


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Written by
Posted on
June 5, 2019
Composable IT

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