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Composable Infrastructure offers an optimal method to generate speed, agility, and efficiency in data centers. But how do you prepare to implement the solution? We’ve developed a checklist of items you might consider when preparing to install and deploy your composable infrastructure solution. Here’s a preview:

☑️ Understand Business Goals:

Meet with stakeholders to understand their priorities and communicate IT objectives; business priorities may include cost-savings, better resource utilization, and the ability to easily scale with ever-changing business needs. Then demonstrate how an infrastructure upgrade can meet those goals. For example, prolonging the life of expensive hardware leads to cost savings, while virtualization and automatic provisioning of resources leads to better utilization, and composable infrastructure leverages industry-standard data center components to deliver a flexible, scalable architecture.

☑️ Take Inventory:

Consider the IT plans you wish to accomplish with the upcoming infrastructure upgrade. Think about new priorities. Do you need to maintain legacy infrastructure? Is implementing AI/ML a goal? Consider the ideal system that IT needs to run specific tasks. Does this system require high-speed memory, multiple GPU, high-speed storage, or all of the above? Focus on the ideal server for each task and what equipment IT will need to build this system.  

☑️ Research Composable Infrastructure Solutions:

With devices, systems, and business goals in mind, research composable infrastructure solutions. Consider a solution that fits demanding data center workloads. Some things to consider: What devices does the fabric support? How easily does the software enable automation and policies to intuitively shift resources from one task to another?  Does the solution allow you to build exactly the system you need when you need it? Request virtual and in-person demos and POCs to help you determine the ideal fit.

Download the full composable infrastructure checklist now.

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Written by
Melysha Acharya
Posted on
January 24, 2020
Composable Infrastructure

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