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What Admins Need To Know About Composable IT

Posted on
April 18, 2019

What Are The Top 3 Things IT Admins Need To Know About #ComposableIT?

#1 Number one is around the software. We (#Liqid) are not going to require any software changes from their side. Whatever software packages that you're using today, those same software packages will work as is on a #composable platform. So that's one important point that #IT_administrators need to understand.

#2 The second thing to realize is we don't change their hardware purchasing habits. If they're used to buying #Dell_servers and #Samsung_SSDs, that's fine. We are going to continue to enable them to buy the same set of hardware that they're buying today. The delta is how we interconnect that hardware. If we interconnect that hardware leveraging #Liqid's #PCIe_fabric technology, then they're going to be able to take all of that same hardware that they were previously consuming a static infrastructure and now be able to consume it as dynamic infrastructure.

#3 And I think the third thing that IT administrators need to realize is that #composability is not a future technology. This is something that's available here today. And companies like Liqid are driving the march towards a dynamic landscape and that technology can be tested, validated, and verified.

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Posted on
April 18, 2019
Composable IT

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