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The Flexibility of Cloud Infrastructure Inside Your Own Data Center

Posted on
April 19, 2019
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One of the most pervasive myths out there is that everything is moving to the cloud. Well part of this statement is true. The actual answer is having resources that are available to you on-premise are oftentimes much cheaper than what cloud solutions provide.

Liquid gives you the flexibility of cloud infrastructure inside your own data center, behind your own firewall so you get what you need when you want it. And we also provide that flexibility and convenience that you get from the cloud infrastructure solutions and providers at your fingertips, inside your data center, everything you can control.

One of the interesting things is that you see a massive amount of growth of data both at the edge and in centralized, centralized, locations. No matter where or how the data's produced, we Liqid feel that we're very capable of helping solve the infrastructure challenges that come from massive data growth, whether this is at the edge, whether it's centralized, whether it's on-prem or in the cloud.

Liqid helps provide the flexibility and the dynamic nature of the infrastructure and give you the control at your fingertips to manage the data.

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Written by
Posted on
April 19, 2019
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