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Linus Tech Tips: LQD4500 Honey Badger is "Face Meltingly Epic with speeds "over 250x your Netflix 4K!"

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June 1, 2020
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"I don't even have context for that. I'm used to seeing IOPS on the order of hundreds of thousands, and that's for a really good SSD." -- Linus Sebastian, Linus Tech Tips

We're excited today because we've gotten a feature-length review from none other than Linus Tech Tips, the wildly popular team of "professionally curious" technology experts led by Youtube heartthrob Linus Sebastian. More than 16 million viewers tune into their reviews every Thursday through Sunday, and we’re happy to be among the technology providers to be chosen for review on their show.

Linus and his team put the PCIe x 16 Gen-4 LQD4500 through the paces. Nicknamed “The Honey Badger,” because it don’t care what kind of a workload you throw at it, Linus started the review by taking the device apart and switching out enterprise-grade NVMe that that shipped with the product to something more “drag race worthy,” for testing purposes.

Linus discussed the advancements of Gen-4 PCIe compared to Gen-3, noting that the newer spec delivers about twice the performance of its predecessor. He also noted "Ballin out PCI-Express switch" on the card, which makes the device fully composable.

Watch the video to find out about how the LTT team topped out the card at 4.5-million IOPS, with 99.5 percent utilization, or "big throbbing numbers" for Windows and Linux OS testing.

In closing the review, Linus mentions the value these kinds of data speeds bring to composable infrastructure data center ecosystems like those provided by Liqid. Data speeds that fast, when composed with other accelerator technologies such as GPU or FPGA, can deliver on-demand and automated resource orchestration to address real-time requirements for applications in artificial intelligence & machine learning, 5G/edge computing, dynamic cloud, and other emerging applications.

Watch the review and find out how Liqid’s LQD4500 Honey Badger delivers industry-leading data performance to the data center. To learn more about Liqid’s composable solutions, check out this recent case study on our work with the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Electronic Visualization Lab, deploying a fully composable system in their labs for use by global scientific researchers.

Learn more about Liqid’s technology and contact us to discuss your specific data center needs with a representative.

Written by
Robert Brumfield
Posted on
June 1, 2020

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