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Case Study: UIC Deploys Composable Infrastructure for Uneven Applications in Scientific Research

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May 6, 2020
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Liqid is excited to release a new case study outlining Liqid’s collaboration with the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). The internationally renowned research laboratory is the oldest formal collaboration between engineering and art in the U.S., established 1973. The organization is very cool.

EVL specializes in research, development, deployment, technology transfer and training in visual data science. It focuses on high-performance visualization and collaboration environments, visual analytics, virtual reality, and advanced computing and networking cyberinfrastructure.

EVL’s resources are shared among institutions around the world for scientific computing that is extremely data intensive with uneven workloads that require different configurations of hardware depending upon the operation being performed. Visual computing also relies heavily on GPU given its visual nature.

“EVL’s understanding of the diverse computing requirements of its collaborators, EVL faculty and staff identify new technologies, like Liqid’s composable infrastructure, and then inquire how to use them in ways that companies had not intended, thereby educating vendors on the needs of the academic research and education market,” said Maxine Brown, EVL Director.

Liqid worked with EVL to deploy a composable infrastructure architecture at the lab in order to maximize resource utilization via Liqid software and intelligent fabrics. Liqid’s expertise in GPU and other accelerators made it a perfect collaboration partner for EVL, given the organization’s critically important core mission.

Read the free case study, “UIC Utilizes Liqid Composable Infrastructure for Uneven Applications in Scientific Research,” today, and find out how Liqid’s composable infrastructure solutions are helping EVL researchers conduct data-intensive research into computational fluid dynamics, brain imaging techniques, and a lot of other cool, important stuff.

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Written by
Posted on
May 6, 2020
University I.T.

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