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Turn Milliseconds into Microseconds for Financial Transactions

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March 30, 2020
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The finance industry is among the most innovative when it comes to data center design. The bespoke solutions are purpose-built for performance, and the success rate for transactions such as algorithmic trading depend on being able to execute faster than the next trading house. Billions of dollars ride on highly skilled engineers being able to shave milliseconds into microseconds.

After just a few years, the ability to add powerful accelerators such as GPU, FPGA, and Intel® Optane™ memory technology to these systems has become table stakes. Static hardware, however, makes it difficult to add these resources in a disaggregated fashion. The ability to manage resource allocation in real time and automate for trading and other financial processes is also required, which means that more activities need to be managed through software.

Liqid’s composable infrastructure solutions answer these requirements by delivering vendor-neutral, disaggregated resource management through software. Accelerator resources can be pooled together and deployed in whatever quantities are required for the task at hand, and those resources can be quickly shifted to meet data surges and aggressively adapt to changes in market conditions. Over-provisioned resources kept at hand can be incorporated into general activities to maximize all compute horsepower at hand.

Find out how composable infrastructure is helping IT users in banking and finance supercharge bespoke systems. Download Liqid’s white paper, “Why Should Enterprises Move to a True Composable Infrastructure Solution,” today and begin mapping out your data center’s transformation free from vendor lock that can be detrimental to innovation.

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Written by
Posted on
March 30, 2020
Banking & Finance

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