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What Limits NVMe M2 SSD Data Center Deployment?

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April 29, 2019
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NVME M.2 storage devices are fundamental building blocks of the data center. The lower power, lower cost, and higher capacities of M.2's NVME SSD's make them very well suited for data center environments and on-demand applications. However, the challenge today is that very few sockets exist to deploy M.2 NVME devices - en mass - inside the data center.

Liqid addressed this challenge of limited sockets by creating the highest performance NVME M.2 device and coupling it with the Liqid Composable PCI fabric.

With a Composable PCIe fabric, tightly coupled with several PCIe NVME M.2 capable, enterprises are able to fully leverage the higher performance, lower cost, lower power of M.2 devices in various form factors (e.g. half height-half length, full height - full length, and U.2 device), while guaranteeing full data center class functionality such as dual-ported capability, power loss protection, higher capacity, higher performance, etc.

While you’re here, take a look at our solutions, then contact us to learn how you can modernize your datacenter.


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Written by
Posted on
April 29, 2019
NVMe M.2 Deployment

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