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Are you gearing up for SC19 in Denver? So are we!

Does protecting your hardware investment, saving time, and gaining 2x to 4x Data Center resource utilization sound like the right solution for your business? We thought so.

Make a note to join Liqid from 11/18 to 11/21 at the Colorado Convention Center at Booth #1889. We’ll give you a hands-on test drive of our Liqid Command Center™ software, and we’ll show you how you can compose software-defined, bare-metal servers in seconds.

Liqid at SC19

You can learn about the next Evolution of the Datacenter, during Liqid's presentation at the Western Digital Booth, #1275 on Wednesday, November 19th at 4pm. Bring all of your questions about composable infrastructure.

Liqid presentation at Western Digital Booth #1275

Break free from the physical barriers of static, motherboard-centric architectures with Liqid’s bare-metal architecture, built for the most demanding data center workloads.

Learn more about our unique approach to multifabric, composable, AI, vSan, IoT and more.

Liqid Benefits:

True Disaggregation:

Pool compute, network, storage, graphics processing, FPGA and Intel® Optane™ memory elements in expansion trays for native deployment across Intelligent fabric.

Intelligent Fabric:

Liqid Grid allows core system resources to be instantly interconnected into physical servers and dynamically reconfigured as needed.

Intuitive Control:

Liqid Command Center™ is the most powerful management software platform that automates, orchestrates, and composes. Intuitively jump from one task to another.

For an in-depth review of the immediate benefits of our solution, check out this report from Eric Slack, Senior Analyst at the Evaluator Group.

Follow us on Twitter @weareliqid or LinkedIn to get the latest updates on our products, company news, and events. See you at SC19.

Written by
Melysha Acharya
Posted on
November 8, 2019

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