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Increase resource utilization and ease of use with composable infrastructure

Posted on
May 10, 2019

When you migrate from static infrastructure to dynamic infrastructure, there are at least three very clear advantages of deploying this dynamic and agile infrastructure.

First: industry wide, coming from various analysts and OEM partners, we understand that the typical enterprise utilization of resources, the 18 to 20% range. So again, it doesn't matter, you're talking to 100,000, a million, 10 million plus—using only 20% of resources means a lot of waste occurs. If you're able to (legitimately) double or triple that utilization, it  immediately translates into, business and bottom line benefits.

Second: it's the ease of use. Instead of sending out somebody with a cart and popping the hood off a machine, un-cabling and powering down gear to add additional storage or change the networking or add FPGAs, we're literally able to assimilate the provisioning of those resources with a few clicks in software—making the vision of Software-Defined-Infrastructure a reality.

Third: Software licenses (e.g. SQL, Oracle, VMWare, etc) or any other software licenses come at a high premium. By increasing the utilization and being able to only provision the type of gear that you need, you don't necessarily have to always ingest more CPUs, and can thus reduce your per core software licenses.

That sums up the three very clear advantages of LIQID Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure.

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Posted on
May 10, 2019
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