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As the comms guy for Liqid, I’m very happy to announce two new developments that I couldn’t be more personally proud of: 

1)  Our blog is live! Follow us to learn more about composable infrastructure’s place in the evolving landscape of the datacenter. Liqid has a deep bench of datacenter infrastructure experts, partners, customers, industry thought leaders and others with unique insights into how composable solutions are paving the way for the next wave of innovation as we transition from the Cloud Era to the Age of A.I. Find out what’s happening, what’s next and who’s doing it best.

2) To inaugurate our new content platform, we’re pleased to share for free this exclusive report, “How Liqid is Dominating the Next Big Thing in the Data Center” from veteran tech journalist and independent enterprise industry analyst Arik Hesseldahl, whom we’re pleased to announce as the newest addition to the Liqid advisory board.

Arik is a regular contributor to CIO, a founding editor at Recode, and before that was senior editor at its predecessor site All Things Digital. He has written for The Wall Street JournalBloomberg BusinessWeek and Forbes, and has contributed to NBC NewsCNBC and NPR. Arik, an elder statesman of enterprise tech, will provide strategic communications counsel for the company and act as an ambassador for the Liqid brand.

“For more than 20 years I’ve had a front-row seat watching the technology industry evolve from the desktop to the cloud. It’s clear we’re entering a new era during which computing will be driven by AI, IoT and edge computing, and GPUs start playing a central role in data center infrastructure. It‘s another game-changing transition and it’s is unfolding in front of us,” Arik said.

“I’m happy that my first advisory board appointment is with this promising startup. Liqid emerged this year from stealth with one of the most complete and compelling composable infrastructure solutions, and it impressed me immediately. With its unique ability to pool and orchestrate powerful graphics processing alongside other data center resources, Liqid is poised to change the way companies build their infrastructure so they can meet computing demands that are constantly shifting thanks to AI and IoT. I expect great things from Liqid.”

So download the report, catch up on Arik’s wide body of work via the links provided here, and follow our blog for updates about how composable solutions are powering the datacenter’s most computationally demanding applications, including AI and machine learning, the future of IoT and high performance computing, virtual and augmented reality, video rendering, scientific discovery, edge computing with GPU and more.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date on all the topics touched by the transition to on-demand resource composability.

Written by
Robert Brumfield
Posted on
November 1, 2017
IT Landscape

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