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CDI for Digital Transformation: Download the 451 Research Business Impact Brief

Posted on
July 9, 2020
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“We are heading toward full disaggregated infrastructure, where pools of resources become available as dynamically ‘composable’ resources, assembled to match the demands of application workloads in real time, and then reassembled for the next set of demands.”

            —John Abbott, Cofounder & Systems Infrastructure Analyst, 451 Research

Following our webinar with 451 Research’s John Abbott and Liqid’s own CEO & Cofounder Sumit Puri, CEO, you’re probably excited to learn more about composable infrastructure is helping IT organizations break free from the rigid constraints of siloed hardware architectures that have become an obstacle to AI+ML and other next gen applications driving innovations in enterprise, government, academia, and finance. (Watch the Webinar Replay).

“New innovations must be applied to system infrastructure to eliminate the rigid, hardware-bound silos that have held companies back from their digital transformation strategies,” Abbott says. Learn why he thinks CDI solutions like Liqid’s could provide the spine for the next wave of digital transformation by providing:

  • The flexibility of private clouds can match the public cloud
  • The ability to adapt to next generation workloads
  • Open architectures mean faster access to the latest technology

Download 451 Research’s “Breaking Out of the Box: How Composable Infrastructure Could Underpin Digital Transformation” for more on how composable disaggregated infrastructure delivers unprecedented data agility for more efficient processing of security, analytics, imaging, deep learning and AI. Reach out to discuss how Liqid composable infrastructure solutions increase data center operations efficiency and hardware performance.

Written by
Melysha Acharya
Posted on
July 9, 2020
451 Research

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