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451 Research: Download the Free Report on How Emerging Technologies Respond to COVID-19

Posted on
April 13, 2020
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In a new report entitled “COVID-19: Emerging technologies and professional services to the rescue,” 451 Research analysts Csilla Zsigri and Katy Ring look into how necessity is accelerating innovation in IT. Perhaps coming as no surprise, the experts predict that “the world will be more digital in nature than it was prior to the coronavirus outbreak.” The report is available for free download here on the Liqid website.

But what will that look like? Time will tell, however, some interesting emerging uses include the blockchain as a way to collate and anonymize health information for analysis, with AI identifying patterns in that data to accelerate treatments and global health initiatives. The blockchain is also being utilized to track medical supplies and prevent fraud.

Other findings suggest that remote working activities are driving on-prem purchasing in order to secure valuable assets. Blockchain and AI are again being utilized to authenticate and automate procedures and processes to ensure, for example, real-time supply chain consistency insofar as is possible. In addition, digital solutions are being deployed to accelerate modeling in vaccine development.

Of course, we believe that composable infrastructure solutions provide the kind of data acceleration and hardware footprint efficiency to support these kinds of efforts, and have directed our resources toward this wider cause as well, and will continue to do so.

Download the 451 Research report, “COVID-19: Emerging technologies and professional services to the rescue,” today and learn more about how new solutions are being deployed to solve unprecedented problems.

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Written by
Posted on
April 13, 2020
451 Research

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