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Webinar: Flash Industry Veterans Take on the Evolution of SSDs

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July 30, 2020
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Join flash industry veterans from Liqid on Tuesday, August 4, and learn more about the evolution of flash memory, which started as a solution for consumer electronics, but quickly evolved into a high-performance data center solution that ultimately became central to cloud-scale data operations. Live attendees of the webinars, “Flashforward: The Evolution of Flash Storage from Obscurity to Ubiquity,” will be given the opportunity to take advantage of our webinar-only trade-up offer! Get up to $500 per card when upgrading old SSDs to Liqid Element NVMe cards!

In 2010, SSD storage was a luxury item with Fusion-io in the lead both performance and cost-wise, and also in terms of astonishing application-level acceleration. Many in IT were shocked by the price of Enterprise SSDs and struggled with how best to take advantage of high-performance flash offered in relatively low capacities compared to traditional disk-based solutions. While performance was blistering compared to disk, it would be years before it reached its true potential.

Join Liqid for a journey through the evolution of flash storage from SATA SSDs to early PCIe AIC SSDs and get introduced to the fastest NVMe SSD on the planet, the Liqid LQD4500 Honey Badger.

Again, webinar attendees will be given a special $500-per-card trade-up opportunity when they #flashforward their legacy PCIe SSD storage to industry-leading Liqid NVMe solutions. Don't forget to take advantage of the webinar-only trade-up offer of up to $500 per card for old Fusion-io, Virident, Intel, LSI Nytro, Micron or any other older Gen 2/ Gen 3 HHHL or FHHL PCIe cards when swapping out for new Liqid NVMe cards. Eligibility includes: Fusion-io, Virident, Intel, LSI Nytro, Micron or any other older Gen 2/ Gen 3 HHHL or FHHL PCIe cards.

Register for the webinar today, and learn more about how digital storage has evolved and where it’s headed. To learn more about Liqid’s award-winning NVMe flash storage products, go here.  Contact us to discuss your specific data center needs with a representative.

Written by
Posted on
July 30, 2020

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