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Webinar: 451 Research & Liqid Talk CDI’s Impact on Analytics, Deep Learning & AI

Posted on
July 9, 2020
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John Abbott, Cofounder & Systems Infrastructure Analyst, 451 Research, is a guy who knows his way around the data center. Over a career that spans more than 25 years, he has pioneered specialist technology coverage in such areas as Unix, supercomputing, system architecture, software development and storage. As a 451 Research cofounder, he’s been a principal author on many 451 Research Special Reports, including those on storage virtualization and blade servers -- the first comprehensive surveys of either subject to be published.

John Abbott, Cofounder & Analyst, 451 Research

These days, John has focused on converged infrastructure and new systems architectures, which is another reason why today’s webinar is so exciting. Abbott Joins Liqid CEO & Cofounder Sumit Puri to discuss how composable infrastructure solutions like those provided by Liqid are delivering the data infrastructure agility through automation and flexible resource scaling.

With Liqid Command Center software pools and deploys GPU, FPGA, NVMe, and storage class memory can be deployed in unprecedented volume across PCIe for top performance, or across Ethernet or Infiniband for distance. When a specific workload is completed, resources can be directed to other tasks either on demand or through automation for unprecedented data center performance and efficiency.

Register now and attend the webinar, “Breaking Out of the Box: How Composable Infrastructure Could Underpin Digital Transformation,” and see why 451 Research thinks CDI will help organizations adapt to emerging data center applications without massive overprovisioning. Speak with a CDI expert to set up a demo and see for yourself how Liqid composable infrastructure solutions keep driving innovation in enterprise, government, academia, and finance.

Written by
Robert Brumfield
Posted on
July 9, 2020
Digital Transformation

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