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Upcoming Conferences Point to IT’s Composable Future

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March 19, 2019
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The rest of March is full of excitement for Liqid. We're talking, of course, about the 2018 Open Compute Project (OCP) US Summit (March 20-21) and NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (March 26-29). We're looking forward to both of these gatherings and the opportunity to show off why composable — and Liqid's approach in particular — is the future of computing.

Liqid's disaggregated model for scaling composable is at the forefront of tech that supports AI, and AI is everything at the moment. From split-second stock trading to machine learning to the automation of certain jobs, AI and IoT are not only changing the computing landscape, they are revolutionizing how we live and work.

Liqid supports the spirit of OCP because it mirrors our own. Liqid's disaggregated model for scaling composable is literally out of the box, free from the sales-cycle trap of being forced to level up hardware according to new product schedules — and the tech limitations that go along with that way of building data capability.

In a new Evaluator Group white paper, Composable: The Next Step in Integrated Infrastructures, Liqid gets a name-check as one of the few companies working with the new composable solutions, including HPE and Intel. The paper notes that composable can address the shortcomings of traditional infrastructure for enterprises and large service providers. As workloads become more dynamic, the infrastructures must also become more dynamic.

Composable is the answer to this challenge, creating efficiency through resource optimization, operational optimization and the least amount of manpower to employ. Liqid composes bare-metal servers from resources housed in industry-standard chassis, and can compose more GPUs than a typical server can support.

Composable disaggregates physical resources and puts storage, networking and compute back into specific modules. It uses software-defined tech to gather resources and then allocate them as needed. Composable can expand at the module or system level instead of the rack.

We think Liqid offers the best bang for your composable buck, but it's great to get mentioned as a composable player among the likes of HPE Synergy, Cisco UCS and Intel's products just ahead of OCP.

We'll be discussing more about GTC and how Liqid bridges important gaps and opens new doors in the GPU realm as the date for that draws closer.

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Written by
Posted on
March 19, 2019

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