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SC17: Q1 2018 GA for Liqid Composable and scalable GPU with Orange Silicon Valley

Posted on
November 14, 2017
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We’re at the Colorado Convention Center in our hometown of Denver attending Supercomputing 2017 (Liqid booth #489) all week, and we’ve got some exciting announcements and demonstrations taking place. We are excited to announce that composable solutions from Liqid will be available to the general IT public for purchase in Q1 2018.

Our second piece of news from SC17 covers our collaboration with with Orange Silicon Valley (OSV), the US-based business innovation center for the global telecommunications provider Orange, to deliver GPU as a shared, on-demand and fully scalable resource -- reported exclusively by Dean Takahashi at VentureBeat this morning!

First -- in Q1, Liqid Composable will be available in two different configurations in order to better meet the diverse needs of IT users across vertical markets:

● Liqid Grid & Command Center Bundle: Liqid Grid and Liqid Command Center come in a bundled solution delivering complete and dynamic control of system resources, enabling true hardware disaggregation and bare-metal server orchestration.

● Developers Kit: For those users who wish to utilize composable infrastructure solutions from Liqid to immediately improve datacenter efficiency with a turn-key solution, a complete developers kit will be available.  This will include storage, compute, networking, and graphics processing devices. Liqid Grid and Command Center will fully integrate into a rack-mountable enclosure.

Read the press release or go here to find out more.

Secondly, we’re proud to be working with Orange Silicon Valley (OSV), the U.S.-based business innovation center for the global telecommunications provider Orange, on a prototype for on-demand GPU-accelerated HPC that we’re demonstrating at the show.

Powered by Liqid composable infrastructure, the OSV-Liqid prototype enables several industry firsts including:

● Adaptive GPU Supercomputer for artificial intelligence
● GPU scale out - clustering dozens of GPUs across PCIe
● Dynamic, bare-metal orchestration of GPUs to CPU in real time
● Hot-swappable GPU in Linux and Windows
● Peer-to-peer GPU communication via rack-level PCIe fabric

Check out the press release or swing by our booth at SC17 to see a live demo.

Finally, in Liqid’s booth (#489) and with partners throughout the SC17 exhibits hall, Liqid is demonstrating GPU-accelerated composable solutions for adaptive HPC. So please join us for demonstrations with top industry leaders:

● Orange Silicon Valley
● Kingston Digital
● One Stop Systems

It’s an exciting year for high-performance computing and we’re pleased to be here at HPC demonstrating how Liqid Composable delivers dynamic infrastructure solutions to tackle the data center’s most computationally demanding applications, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), video rendering, DevOps, scientific discovery and other emerging high-value applications.

Written by
Robert Brumfield
Posted on
November 14, 2017

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