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Liqid Partners with Arrow Electronics to Offer EMEA Channel Partners Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure Solutions

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March 3, 2021
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Liqid is excited to announce the expansion of our channel partnership with Arrow Electronics, a leading technology innovator with 2020 sales of $29 billion. In addition to offering Liqid’s composable disaggregated infrastructure to channel clients in the US, Arrow will now deliver Liqid’s software-defined, composable disaggregated infrastructure platform to pin the Europe, Middle East, & Africa (EMEA) region.

Liqid solutions disaggregate data center devices and enable these resources to be pooled and shared across intelligent fabrics. Our dynamic infrastructure orchestration not only delivers improved IT agility, but also increased efficiency for the data center footprint.

“Arrow works closely with technology providers to deliver solutions that meet the current needs of the channel while anticipating future use, and today’s AI applications are driving changes in underlying infrastructure to accommodate data requirements,” said Alexis Brabant, vice president of sales in Arrow’s enterprise computing solutions business.  

According to Brabant, “The addition of Liqid to Arrow’s solutions portfolio allows Arrow to offer a way to extend the life cycle of hardware investments while adding discreet accelerators on demand as required, enabling IT users in EMEA to better evolve their IT strategy over time compared to traditional sales cycles.”

“We are excited to extend our collaboration with Arrow to include VARs in the EMEA territories to better support global research challenges and accelerate the development of a wide variety of critical technologies and solutions,” said Nader Soudah, vice president of channel at Liqid.  

Soudah also says that, “Working with our global technology alliance partners in the channel, Liqid is able to deliver combined solutions from the wider Arrow portfolio of VARs servicing the EMEA territory to help exponentially increase data center performance and efficiency for emerging high-value applications such as AI.”

Learn more about Liqid’s channel partner program, today and find out how you can partner with Liqid to deliver adaptive composable infrastructure solutions to your channel today. If you’d like to set up an informational call and demo, please reach out here.  

Written by
Posted on
March 3, 2021

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