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Avoid Vendor & Technology Lock with Liqid

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February 21, 2020
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Due to the complicated nature of IT infrastructure in general, many organizations have an OEM provider of choice with which they do most of their business. While many administrators are happy with these reliable sales relationships, providers can use that trust to their advantage, locking organizations into a vendor and technology that no longer suits their needs and does not allow them to scale disaggregated resources due to incompatibility or even just inconvenience.

This is where composable infrastructure can introduce a solution to vendor and technology lock that Composability—even as it’s defined by major OEMs—is about flexibility. But there is nothing flexible about locking a business into a single server vendor offering or a single technology, and then limiting the capabilities of the entire infrastructure from both a provisioning and fabric standpoint, as well as limiting the ability to add discrete devices such as GPU and FPGA when workloads demand extra horsepower.

True composable infrastructure solutions are vendor-agnostic and fabric-agnostic; they do not obligate the user to put any drivers, agents, or software modules on the compute nodes themselves. They manipulate resources across bare metal compute nodes through composable infrastructure software, so an enterprise can run any higher-order applications on any hardware, using any fabric.

True composable infrastructure will provide enterprise IT teams with the flexibility to leverage the equipment they wish, when they need it, and then orchestrate that equipment to fit business needs.

Avoid being locked into rigid vendor sales cycles and limited product offerings. Download our new white paper, “Why Should Enterprises Move to a True Composable Infrastructure Solution,” today and begin mapping out your data center’s transformation free from vendor lock that can be detrimental to innovation.

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Written by
Posted on
February 21, 2020
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