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Western Digital & Liqid Utilized by ICM Brain and Spine Institute to Fight Neurological Disorders

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March 10, 2021
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“There’s an evolution happening in data center transformation,” said Sumit Puri, CEO of Liqid, a software-defined composable infrastructure platform provider. “It’s a move from static to dynamic.”

This week, our partners at Western Digital discussed how composable disaggregated infrastructure (CDI) is primed to be the new norm for optimizing IT operations in their blog. While the introduction of cloud computing has enabled a shift to resources that are available dynamically, not statically, researchers, IT departments, and business leaders generally see more than half of their on-prem IT equipment sitting idle much of the time, with utilization reaching as low as 15%.  

Now, that same ability to build virtual application environments on-the-fly is available for on-premises data centers in a way it never has been before. This happens in the form of CDI.

CDI can be a powerful enabler of research and business advancement, according to Scott Hamilton, senior director of platforms product management and marketing at Western Digital. Hamilton cites the success found by one of their clients, the ICM Brain and Spine Institute. The ICM Brain andSpine Institute leverages Western Digital’s OpenFlex™ open composable platform to resize and reallocate storage volumes on demand, assisting the institute’s fight against neurological disorders.  

With CDI from WD and Liqid, ICM’s IT team can now quickly and easily allocate storage to meet any researcher’s need and resize and reallocate storage volumes on demand, on-prem, just like a cloud-based environment. The ability to seamlessly add more resources as technology advances also allows ICM to futureproof its IT model and investment.

In the past, organizations had to define what their IT infrastructure would look like at the point of purchase, planning as much as three to five years ahead, with the hope they anticipated their needs and growth correctly.However, with today’s unprecedented data growth and unpredictable future needs, it’s no longer sensible or affordable to buy infrastructure on speculation alone.Instead, CDI brings with it the ability to keep pace with the velocity of fast-paced change. Lean into a new flexibility that enables efficiency, agility, and longevity.

Check out the full blog from our partners at Western Digital here to learn more about how CDI from Liqid and WD is advancing research and driving the next wave of innovation across industry verticals: The Shift to Shared: A New Approach to Optimizing IT Operations

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Written by
Posted on
March 10, 2021
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