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Upcoming Webinar: Build an Adaptive, Scalable Platform for Government AI with NVIDIA & Liqid

Posted on
June 17, 2021
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Join us for this live webinar in partnership with Carahsoft Thursday, July 15th at 2pm ET/ 11am PT and explore how Liqid Matrix CDI software combined with NVIDIA GPUs provides an adaptive, scalable platform for AI operations. We'll demonstrate how the US Department of Defense is building Liqid CDI into its long-term strategy and how this enables them to:

  • Improve IT agility to dynamically address unpredictable AI-driven workloads
  • Increase resource efficiency for significant reductions in capex and opex
  • Stand up systems in minutes and repurpose those resources for other applications when not in use

You won’t want to miss featured Speakers Matt Demas, Liqid’s Field CTO, and Eric Oberhofer, Liqid’s Vice President of Public Sector.

Register now and see how NVIDIA is overcoming the government's AI-driven research and development challenges.

Written by
Posted on
June 17, 2021

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