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The New Liqid Website: What to Check, What to Expect

Posted on
June 12, 2018
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I’m excited to announce that the Liqid website has been totally revamped to provide tons more information on the Liqid approach to composable, including new product information, news and event updates, official corporate press releases, great new product video, and regularly updated industry insights and thought leadership via this blog.

As a startup, we’re usually looking for ways to do things ourselves, save cash on as many back-end activities as possible, so we can put that money back into product development for our composable infrastructure solutions. Our marketing shop collaborated closely with corporate leadership to define the mission for the new site, designing it entirely in-house to save thousands in capital and operational expenditures.

We invite you to come learn more about our vision for Liqid Composable services and solutions, get a sense of the look and feel of our new site, and while you’re there learn:

  • How Liqid Composable compares to other adaptive architectures available in today’s market with our technology and product overviews
  • See what makes the Liqid team and leadership and see who’s new on our growing list of top-tier industry partners
  • See a video on how Liqid Composable works in our regularly updated video section
  • Why Gartner chose Liqid as a 2018 Cool Vendor and other corporate updates via our press releases
  • ‍Why searchDataCenter called us “software-defined Nirvana” and stay up to date on Liqid and industry activities with Liqid news, case studies, and whitepapers (all coming soon);
  • Sign up to speak with one of our infrastructure experts to learn more about how Liqid Composable can increase data center efficiency and prepare your IT environment for new challenges in AI implementation, edge computing, DevOps, HPC, and more. 

The way we engage the world’s data is in a moment of rapid transformation, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of innovation with Liqid Composable. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay updated on all our activities and visit the site regularly for the latest updates.

Written by
Jeremy Hess
Posted on
June 12, 2018

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