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CDI gets even simpler with GA of turnkey Liqid ThinkTank AI system

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March 17, 2022
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“Liqid ThinkTank delivers a simple, footprint-friendly, software-defined platform that enables IT users to manage bare-metal hardware resources through software, akin to how VMware manages higher order applications up the stack. The breakthrough democratizes AI for organizations seeking to reap the benefits of these next-generation applications without incurring the costs.” 

                    – Wendell Wilson, Founder & Lead Architect, Level1Techs

Today Liqid is excited to announce general availability for Liqid ThinkTank – with a shout-out from Level1Techs’ enterprise IT visionary Wendell Wilson, no less! Check this video! The first fully integrated, turnkey CDI system designed to address the most challenging GPU-centric workloads, Liqid ThinkTank makes it simpler for organizations of all sizes to adopt and deploy CDI and manage hardware resources through Liqid Matrix software. 

Check out this new solution for all your AI needs! Cool, right?  

Liqid ThinkTank

Meet the growing demand for GPU computing, quickly adapt to changing infrastructure performance requirements, and drive never-before-seen levels of data center efficiency. Contain the data deluge with Liqid ThinkTank: 

  • Accelerate time-to-results for AI-driven GPU workloads at scale with a unified CDI solution;
  • Maximize GPU compute capabilities in tandem with storage and accelerators for new levels of efficiency, while extracting maximum value from hardware investments; 
  • Use fewer resources to do more work, reducing physical and carbon footprints with superior resource utilization.

Traditional GPU servers are slow to deploy and scale, constrain GPU performance, and poorly utilize resources – powerful accelerators stay locked in the box and cannot be shared to maximize utilization. The software-defined simplicity of Liqid ThinkTank solves these problems. 

With Liqid Matrix software, IT teams can quickly deploy and scale GPU and other resources in the exact amounts required to support the given workload – packing up to 16 GPUs and 60 TB of NVMe storage per system. As performance requirements change, resources can be reconfigured in seconds to support a variety of tasks across the AI workflow, from data preparation and analytics to training and inference. 

Liqid ThinkTank ships in rack-scale, small, medium, and large systems. Like this: 

And it’s available today via the Liqid Channel Partner Network, so it’s time to simplify AI with Liqid ThinkTank CDI! Go here to schedule an appointment with an authorized Liqid representative or reach out at sales@liqid.com

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Written by
Posted on
March 17, 2022
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