Composable Infrastructure for AI-driven Computing

Download the report and find out how Liqid composable infrastructure solutions deliver adaptive data performance for the world’s most demanding AI-driven applications.

Transform Static Architecture into a Dynamic Data Center with Just a Few Clicks

The modern data center is AI-driven and increasingly reliant on powerful visual computing accelerators such as GPU. Due to the physical limitations of siloed data center architectures designed for the cloud, however, these traditional approaches to architecture increasingly cannot provide sufficient data performance for these demanding, high-value applications.

Composable infrastructure solutions have emerged to solve the problem of the siloed data center. With composable infrastructure solutions from Liqid, IT users can:

  • Compose for any device, including GPU, FPGA, NVMe, storage-class memory, and networking with composable infrastructure software

  • Deploy across all commercially available fabrics, including PCIe, Infiniband, and Ethernet for the widest possible coverage

  • Extend the value of existing hardware and add new devices as required with Liqid’s disaggregated data center architecture


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Liqid Wins DOD Contracts

Offering a powerful validation for the value of composable infrastructure, Liqid recently secured contracts to provide the Department of Defense with three of the world’s most powerful supercomputers at two US Corps of Engineers R&D sites. Collectively worth more than $52 million, Liqid beat out powerful incumbents Cray and HPE to provide the three supercomputing systems, and the adaptive performance that composable infrastructure delivers was key to the DoD’s decision to go with Liqid. The systems collectively represent 32 petaflops of performance and GPU and other accelerator resources can be quickly added to or removed from compute systems for unprecedented flexibility and agility.

“Composable, disaggregated infrastructure solutions provide an adaptive supercomputing ‘backbone’ for the physical infrastructure challenges faced daily by engineers at ERDC,” said Eric Slack, Hyperconverged, Integrated Systems, and SDS Analyst, Evaluator Group. “AI helps the US Army deliver essential military and civilian engineering services around the world. Composable HPC will manage their hardware footprint more efficiently and achieve the kind of adaptive data performance necessary to address data-intensive workloads that have different

What Industry Experts are Saying About Liqid

“I expect this concept to catch fire in 2018. Every server has PCIe, why not use it as an interconnect? Which, by the way, was the original concept for PCI years ago.”

Robin Harris
ZDnet, StorageMojo
“If composable infrastructure is the next evolution of the data center, Liqid seems like the right approach at the right time.”

Rich Stroffolino
Gestalt IT  
“Liqid’s Composable platform makes it easy to mix and match GPUs in the data center, making it truly adaptive and “hot swappable,” or easy to plug in or take out in either Windows or Linux environments.”

Dean Takahashi