The Liqid Team

With cross-discipline expertise in data center architecture and design, flash storage, networking, and graphics processing, supported by industry-leading sales, marketing, and operations professionals, we have some of the most sought-after players in the industry bringing Liqid Composable to life.

Andy Heyd
Director, Mechanical Engineer
Brenden Rust
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Dana Breakstone
Director, Operations
Jeff McGann
Director, Software Engineer
Mark Noland
Senior Solutions Architect
Christina Stathos
Luke Quick
Director, Global Sales
Ari Clark
Senior UI / UX Engineer
Michael Harrington
Senior PCB Design Engineer
Jamila Gunawardena
Director, Solutions Architecture
Michela Madrid
Office Manager
Tuan Nguyen
Senior Test Engineer
Henry Harris
Senior Software Engineer
Jose Lopez
Systems Test Manager
Long Ho
Senior Electrical Engineer
Seth Walsh
Mechanical Engineer
Bryan Nagel
Software Engineer
Robert Brumfield
Director, Communications
Huiji Wang
Senior Electrical Engineer
Daniel Nguyen
Software Engineer
Kevin Stuvel
Senior Electrical Engineer
Mark McKeen
Solutions Test Engineer
Richmond Vo
Software Engineer
Mike Jablonski
Senior Systems Engineer
Ed Hitt
Hardware Engineer
Sameer Goel
Director, Software Engineering
Jeffrey Janusheske
Art Director
Kevin Grundmeyer
Systems Engineer
Josiah Clark
AI Principal Technologist

Meet our Leadership Team

We are lucky to have some of the industry's brightest to build out our company’s vision.

A network that moves us

We are fortunate to be technology partners with some of world's leading IT organizations. These key relationships aid in bringing our ideas to fruition, allowing us to tremendously impact the digital world.