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Liqid Composable ThinkTank

Liqid ThinkTank

Liqid ThinkTank is the first integrated composable system designed to provide an easy-to-deploy infrastructure capable of addressing the most challenging GPU-centric workloads. Quickly compose up to 16 GPUs to compute nodes via Liqid’s Matrix CDI software to meet exacting performance demands. Move under-utilized GPUs to other compute nodes in real-time to satisfy shifting workload requirements, unlocking new levels of agility and efficiency in the datacenter.

Liqid ThinkTank Composable Systems

Each Fully-Integrated System Includes theFollowing:

  • Liqid ThinkTank Composable Systems
Host Server
  • Up to 2x 1U, Dual AMD 7643, and Up to 2TB RAM
  • Up to 32x NVIDIA A100 80GB PCIe or 32x AMD MI100 32GB PCIe
NVMe Storage
  • Up to 120TB Liqid NVMe Flash Storage
  • Up to 32x200Gb IB/Eth Adapters
PCIe Fabric
  • 1x24 Port PCIe Gen 4.0 Switch or 2x48 Port PCIe Gen 4.0 Switch
CDI Software
  • Liqid Matrix™ Software
Host OS/Software
  • UbuntuLinux & AI Software Stack (NVIDIA EGX Stack or AMD ROCm)

Software Define Your Bare Metal Infrastructure

Quickly compose and scale bare metal systems for the most demanding GPU-centric workloads via software.

Liqid ThinkTank

Powered by Liqid™, Liqid ThinkTank is the first fully integrated Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure (CDI) system, designed to address the most challenging GPU-centric workloads.

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