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Liqid Matrix CDI allows you to provision, scale and redeploy bare metal infrastructure in seconds, all via software. Unlock cloud-like flexibility, agility, and radical efficiency, all at scale.

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Liqid Composable Elements

Liqid’s Matrix software has been designed to integrate with industry standard networking, servers and devices as well our engineered composable elements.

Capabilities and Benefits

Enable Cloud-like Agility On-Prem

Enable Cloud-like Agility On-Prem

Deploy and scale in seconds to address real-time business priorities. Unlike conventional infrastructure that takes weeks to procure and deploy, Liqid allows you to compose bare-metal systems on-demand from your existing pools of resources, all via software.

As workloads demand more GPU, flash, or Intel® Optane™ memory technology, simply scale them in real-time, thus accelerating your business’s time-to-value.
Unlock Radical Utilization Rates

Unlock Radical Utilization Rates

Overprovisioning to meet future needs is wasteful, often trapping idle resources indefinitely. With Liqid you compose only the resources a server requires for today’s needs, eliminating the wasted cost unutilized resources.

Effectively double resource utilization by composing GPU to daytime workloads like VDI, and the after hours, composing the same GPU other critical workloads like data analytics.
Deliver the Impossible

Deliver the Impossible

By shifting the computing unit from the server to the datacenter, your solutions are no longer limited by server form factor. Rather making infrastructure decisions-based server limitations, Liqid Matrix provides the flexibility to solve any IT challenge.

Is a 2U server with 4 GPUs struggling to meet SLAs? With Liqid, you can easily compose another 15 or more GPUs in seconds, via software, ensuring your business requirements are quickly met.
Reuse, Reduce, Recycle Your Resources

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle Your Resources

With conventional IT, new server acquisitions are meant to last three to five years.If a workload retires before the server does, the next workload is shoehorned into it leading to less-than-optimal results.

With Liqid Matrix, every resource is returned to their respective pools when they’re no longer being used, making them instantly available for the next workload need.
Simplify Your Life

Simplify Your Life

Have you made recent investments in servers, accelerators and storage that could benefit from composability? Unlock new possibilities by adding your existing resources and servers to Liqid Matrix. For example, Liqid can compose new GPUs into existing servers to support increased VDI demands brought on by the pandemic.
Accelerate Existing Investments

Accelerate Existing Investments

Eliminate tedious rack and stack server deployments, manual scaling that’s been the standard for over 30 years. Liqid Matrix allows you to configure, deploy, scale, and decompose servers in seconds, drastically reducing traditional datacenter touchpoints.

Liqid includes UI, API and CLI options for flexible management possibilities. Additionally, our APIs connect with northbound orchestrators to automate infrastructure composability.


Learn more about how Liqid can unlock new levels of flexibility, IT agility, and efficiency for your datacenter.

Liqid Matrix™ CDI

Composable management software that automates, orchestrates, and dynamically composes physical computer systems from pools of individual bare-metal elements.

Why Should Enterprises Move to a True Composable Infrastructure Solution?

IT Infrastructure needs are constantly fluctuating in a world where powerful emerging software applications such as artificial intelligence can create, transform, and remodel markets in a few months or even weeks.

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