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Liqid Matrix CDI allows you to provision, scale and redeploy bare metal infrastructure in seconds, all via software. Unlock cloud-like flexibility, agility, and radical efficiency, all at scale.

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Liqid Composable Elements

Liqid’s Matrix software has been designed to integrate with industry standard networking, servers and devices as well our engineered composable elements.

Capabilities and Benefits


Learn more about how Liqid can unlock new levels of flexibility, IT agility, and efficiency for your datacenter.

Liqid Matrix™ CDI

Composable management software that automates, orchestrates, and dynamically composes physical computer systems from pools of individual bare-metal elements.

Why Should Enterprises Move to a True Composable Infrastructure Solution?

IT Infrastructure needs are constantly fluctuating in a world where powerful emerging software applications such as artificial intelligence can create, transform, and remodel markets in a few months or even weeks.

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